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Life Saving Stickers for Wheelie Bins

The Children Stickers are available for purchase for $10+postage and handling. To purchase your sticker please Click Here

Stickers are to be placed on the opposite side of the bin to enhance the perception of drivers. The stickers have been designed to raise the general awareness of vulnerable road users in local streets.

Children can be unpredictable and the concept aims to create an overall level of awareness to the possibility of children being on or near the roads. Not necessarily just stepping onto it.

Our research suggested that the intended messaging would still be achieved regardless of the bin side or the perceived direction of the graphic.

Having the stickers on this side of the bin also allows for adequate time for the driver to sight the graphic.

Please note that stickers may take up to 21 days to be delivered and only the Children Stickers are available – Speed Limit Stickers are not available.

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The Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) has launched a new campaign calling on residents to help make suburban streets safer by applying ‘Life Saving’ stickers to their bins.

The large stickers, which feature photos of children stepping towards the road, are designed to provide a strong visual road safety reminder to motorists.

According to research from the Bureau of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Queensland road fatalities rose from 223 deaths in 2014 to 242 deaths in 2015. This reversed a three-year trend in which the number of national road fatalities had been declining.

According to the report more than 30 per cent of crashes occur on Australian streets with speed limits under 60km/hr. Statistics also show that accidents are most likely to occur on weekdays, during daylight hours, when children are most likely to be crossing roads.

ARSF CEO Russell White said the campaign aimed to send motorists a powerful message.

“We believe these stickers have the potential to have a real impact on our roads, “he said.

“We have seen some very effective road safety campaigns in recent years that highlight the danger that speeding poses to children crossing streets.

“The ‘Life Saving’ sticker campaign builds on this education process, by providing a real-time reminder to motorists to reduce their speed.

“If someone is exceeding the speed limit, we hope these stickers will prompt them to immediately slow down. Even small changes in vehicle speed can have a dramatic impact on stopping distances.”

A 2014 survey of 3,000 Queenslanders found that 88% of drivers speed at up to 5km/hr over the limit on some of their road trips. Exceeding speed limits by just over 5km/hr in urban areas is sufficient to double the risk of a casualty crash.

The launch of the campaign has been timed to coincide with the start of the new school term as children return to the roads.

The ARSF has produced a video promoting the stickers which will be shared through its social media channels.

Mr White said the campaign had a grass roots focus.

“We encourage all residents to place a sticker on their bin. It’s a simple step but it could help to save a life,” he said.

“For neighbourhood organisations it’s a particularly worthwhile initiative. The stickers can be supplied to these groups who can distribute them in their communities.”