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The Australian Road Safety Foundation aims to establish key alliances with various state governments, emergency services and local authorities to help provide resources and materials that will assist in facilitating localised road safety initiatives.

Currently there are a number of high quality educational programs in operation at a local level, however many of these are somewhat ad-hoc and often not well resourced.

The aim would be for the foundation to begin to foster a working relationship with selected groups and establish a network of regional co-ordinators.

This would also help to align the Foundation with current operations already taking place in the community. It would also create an umbrella organisation for like-minded community groups and provide a more cohesive structure for these successful local activities.

A different approach to young driver education

The Foundation will aim to establish a national school-based educational program for high school students. This would differ from current programs that mainly target years 11 to 12 students. To a large degree students at this point may already have certain beliefs in place regarding driving.

The new program would focus on students and families in the years 8, 9 and 10. Clearly, this group is in the pre-licence phase and therefore the program would not address driving techniques but would introduce students to a broader overview of road safety. These areas would include attitude, awareness and other higher order skills. It may also include some fundamental road use simulations.

The primary goal would be to expose young road users with new road safety education much earlier in their development and thereby extending their “learning” phase long before they ever get behind the wheel.
The next step in this program would be for students to have access to an on-line driver training program. This would be for older students who are close to obtaining their licence.

It would also be proposed that the next phase of this program would see the introduction of driving simulators.

These will spearhead the introduction of world leading driver training technology and would complement the on-line programs. These simulators are the next generation in driver educational tools. They provide a cost effective approach to driver training, and prepare drivers for scenarios that are difficult to replicate on the road.