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Australian Road Safety Awards

The Australian Road Safety Awards are an initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation. The awards add to the suite of signature programs within our annual calendar of events.

The awards are designed to acknowledge the achievements of leading road safety stakeholders and provide an opportunity to formally recognize their commitment to improving road safety outcomes.

Establishing the awards program also provides a powerful motivation tool to further encourage ongoing professional development for corporate organizations, community engagement and individual action in reducing road trauma.

In addition the awards establish new standards of excellence in the road safety field and act as a catalyst to increase road safety activities.

The awards program raises awareness about road safety generally and promotes strategies that will assist address road safety issues across all sectors.

Fatality Free Friday

Fatality Free Friday will continue to be the centerpiece of the foundation’s advocacy program. Since its inception in 2007 the campaign has continued to grow and is now a highly regarded and successful program.

It represents a fresh approach in dealing with what is a complex issue by engaging community mobilization and encouraging ownership of the road safety issue.

The day is an annual national event designed to focus public attention on road safety and encourage all road users to think about road trauma and to drive safely. Whilst Fatality Free Friday is the annual focus day, additional road safety programs also continue throughout the year.

Fatality Free Friday is designed to focus public attention on road safety and encourage all road users to play their part and drive safely. They make a commitment to that goal by downloading and signing a pledge from the www.fatalityfreefriday.com web site.

Our goal is to ensure that there are no road crash fatalities around Australia during this day. It is a call to action that serves as a platform for a targeted and ongoing approach to road safety.

Fatality Free Friday is unique. It differs from conventional road safety campaigns by emphasizing these key areas:

  • An individual can make a difference
  • Personal responsibility and accountability
  • Positive reinforcement via community action
  • Community ownership in relation to road safety

Fatality Free Friday is Australia’s only community-based national road safety campaign.

World’s Largest Driving Lesson

The World’s Largest Driving Lesson is one of the signature events of the Fatality Free Friday National Road Safety Campaign. The World’s Largest Driving Lesson made its debut in 2010. This was the first time such a world record attempt had ever been made.

It highlights the vital role that driver training plays in reducing fatalities and crash-related injuries on Australia’s roads. It also engages the community and encourages them to take greater ownership of the road safety issue.

In addition, it provides a platform to work together with other key stake holders around the nation.

The event is an official Guinness World Record attempt and aims to set a world record for the largest collective driving lesson conducted at the same time.

It launches a month of activities centred on road safety and reducing Australia’s road fatalities. Learner drivers from around the country, with their instructors and supervisors, will take part in a simultaneous driving lesson from multiple venues across Australia.

It is a high profile event designed to create public awareness and media interest around the country.

Fleet Safety Coalition

The Fleet Safety Coalition is operated under the auspices of the Australian Road Safety Foundation. Its core objective is to foster greater industry leadership and collaboration in the fleet safety field.

With the growing prominence of Work Place Health & Safety laws and Chain of Responsibility legislation, work related road safety is rapidly emerging as a critical issue for any organisation involved in road transport.

The Coalition’s charter is to provide fleet managers and corporate organisations with industry knowledge that will assist them in developing fleet safety programs and management systems. It will also provide a leading industry forum that will help facilitate development of new fleet safety policies.